I am an Italian
Dr. David Mercaldo

I am an Italian and I am many things!
I am history, philosophy, education, culture and literacy.
I am exploration and discovery, science and invention.
I am mathematics, music and art, government and law,
Yes...I am Italian and I am many things!
I am the hand of Michelangelo - painting and sculpting mankind for
time and eternity.
I am the voice of Enrico Caruso and Mario Lanza -
I am the heart of Maria Montessori - reaching out to the oppressed.
I am the inventions of Leonardo DaVinci -
The jusrist prudence of Anton Scalia -
The courage of Verranzano -
I am the mind of Gugliemo Marconi - I touch the future.
I am the song of Arturo Toscanini and Giuseppe Verdi - scoring
music borrowed from the angels above.
I am the courage of Giuseppe Garibaldi - willing to stand alone.
I am the plans of Galileo - believing what others cannot see.
I am ther brush of Constantino Brumidi -
The resolve of Christopher Columbus -
I am the strength of the Santa Maria -
The diplomacy of Fiorello LaGuardia.
The tenacity of Rocky Marciano -
The baton of Guy Lombardo -
I am the endurance of Joe DiMaggio -
The intellect of Enrico Fermi -
The strategies of Vince Lombardi -
The humor of Jimmy Durante -
The determination of Brian Piccolo -
I am the leadership of Rudy Giuliani -
I am many things -

Yes, I am an Italian and as God gives me breath - I will cherish my
heritage. I will live with purpose and my character will be above
reproach. I will do things that will bring pride to my family and
country that I might follow in the steps of those who have come
before me!

Copyright 2005 USA by David Mercaldo
First Published in L'ISOLA BELLA
The author is a member of the William C. La Morte Lodge of the Sons of Italy